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Composition, why is it important?

     Composition is very important when it comes to photography, a bad composition can ruin a perfect exposure, moment, emotion and the art of photography.  

     Having a great composition is not hard to achieve, here are some tips that may help you:

Do not focus too much on the subject instead, look around your foreground and background use them to enhance your subject a quarter of an inch can significantly change your photo from boring to amazing just by showing a piece of that background or foreground.

  • Do not cut your subjects body on the joints when composing don't make him or her look like a floating head or looking like an amputated person if your photo looks weird? Check your composition make sure you didn't crop  your subject in a weird way.

  • Try to bring out the artist in you have fun! Twist your camera to the left or right, shoot from above and bottom, side and even an aerial shot if you can dont just put your camera infront of your face and shoot straight on move around!

  • Finally, use the rule of thirds. Don't just put your subject in the middle of your viewfinder unless it's a passport photo or a headshot but other than that use the rule of thirds to make your composition more interesting and have an artistic kick to the eyes of the viewer. Research  Rule of thirds if you don't know what it is, education is also part of composition, practice, practice, practice and do your homework.

Thank you  

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