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3 Tips on taking great photos

1. Manual Setting - I know it's intimidating to use Manual Setting but there is nothing to it,  just understand the basic 3 towers ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture play with each settings and unleash your creativeness. 

2. Composition - Art is Composition a simple picture done in a creative composition that tells a story or shows the emotion of the photographer or the model is a very powerful tool. It may even change the world towards a better future. 

3. Heart - Passion the love of the craft is the main ingredient, remember it's not the camera that takes the photos but it first visualized and imagined in your brain and we try to make the camera capture that image hopefully it comes out as we visualized it and if it did? Viola! A Masterpiece.

Thank you, I hope this tips help a bit and inspires you to keep in shooting.

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